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Grand Rapids occupational therapy |  Paper Plane Therapies

"It's interesting; I ended up at Paper Plane Therapies by mistake. It was the day my son was diagnosed (ASD) and I was frantic to talk to someone and to do something. Although I found them on my insurance website, they didn't take my insurance. 

Chelsea took my call. She met with me, talked with me, she cried with me, and she gave me all the help she could. For months she continued to check on me and my son. She talked to my provider and she wrote to our insurance. A few months later, she went through dozens of hoops so she could accept my insurance and help my kid. Who does that? She never gave up on my family. 

We are finally there and for the first time, my family feels happy and safe. We are currently working with Kendra (OT). She is amazing! She's so thoughtful and sweet. She listens to my concerns and she works so hard with my son. I always know what is happening with his therapy and goals. My son adores her (we both do!) We couldn't be happier. 

My family is in amazing hands. We were always meant to be there. I guess there are no mistakes."

"I cannot say enough about Chelsey and Jill. They are answers to our prayers and we adore them both so much. If you have any concerns with your kiddos, don't hesitate to call. They are the most compassionate caring individuals you will ever meet. And they CARE, they really really CARE about both you and your child. We are so grateful for these therapists and all they have done."

"In the three years that our son, Preston, has been a patient with Miss Chelsey our world has forever changed. The challenges that he was facing were so far outside of our understanding. We were experiencing tears on a daily basis only to face the next day with the same frustrations. After our first visit with Miss Chelsey our hearts were overwhelmed with hope! Preston immediately connected with her on a very real and tangible level. Chelsey knew exactly what Preston’s needs were. Every stage in his development has brought us to many different challenges but none that Chelsey hasn’t been able to guide us through.  Her gifts are many but her ability to reach down into the heart of our son and teach him to blossom has been remarkable. Today Preston is thriving, in a public school setting, beyond our highest expectations! We can’t begin to imagine what our life would be like if Miss Chelsey wasn’t a part of it!"

"We are so grateful for Jill Miller! She is patient, customizes her approach, and demonstrates her care for the "whole" child. Jill has journeyed with our family for 3 years; we cannot express our gratitude for empowering our son."

"Chelsey is absolutely amazing! Her work with our daughter has been such a blessing! Every week she changes based on what our daughter needs that week. She truly loves her work, and the children she works with. She has so much knowledge and expertise to share. She truly has impacted our lives in every way!!! The addition of speech (Jill) has been absolutely wonderful as well! You will never find more knowledgeable, loving, dedicated people!!! TRULY BLESSED TO HAVE THEM WORKING WITH MY DAUGHTER!!!!"

"Every experience we've had at therapy has been phenomenal. I think the part I love the most is how important and special you've become to Logan. I love that each time we've been to see you, you made him (and I) feel like he was important to you. It's never felt rushed...and therefore has always felt beneficial. Things I have actually seen change in him: everything on a social level. I almost enjoyed those "social lesson" sessions more than anything. I love when you give us things to "work on" at home. It's made my husband and I feel like we're able to help him more. You take a deep, personal interest in our life. You call or text to see how Logan is doing. Before our initial session, I seriously thought that there was no hope or help for Logan. We'd even been denied help by our school. You literally helped us unlock a piece of Logan that we didn't know was in there. There is NOTHING about me that could find words to thank you enough." 


"My son has been seeing Chelsey for about 2 years and we couldn't be more pleased with his progress. His anxiety levels are down and his grades are up! You can really tell that Chelsey enjoys working with "her" kids. I would highly recommend Paper Plane Therapies for anyone looking for an Occupational Therapist."

"Chelsey has been working with our son for 3 years now. Her professionalism, dedication, and personal interest in our son is like none other. Chelsey has a unique gift of knowledge and compassion that she gives to our son. He has gained confidence and skills with Chelsey that we are so grateful for. She established a trusting relationship with him that allowed her to challenge and help him grow. She has a way with him and makes him feel important. The changes we have seen in his social interactions and how he faces challenges are attributed to the tools Chelsey has given him."


"Our experience with Chelsey has definitely been 5 stars! She is kind, gentle, knowledgable and it is clear that she loves what she does. She truly has a gift! Our son grew so much during his time working with her, it is something that we will forever be grateful for. THANK YOU!!"

"Paper plane therapies has been a life changer for my kids and our family. Two of my kiddos started with Chelsey for occupational therapy to address sensory needs such as the ability to regulate their bodies and emotions, motor planning, visual challenges, body awareness, food anxieties, chewing on fingers and toes, just to name a few:) My kids love going to therapy each week and look forward to it...they feel good and we notice the changes in behavior. Recently due to vacation and illness we missed a couple of weeks and this was so hard for my little guy, he became fidgety, anxious and it was apparent he was feeling very disorganized, after our return to therapy his behavior changed drastically. Unbelievable. We used to be a family that did not use the word "flexible" in our vocabulary, it did not exist at our house and most of our outings were highly structured around fear of our daughter melting down...flexible is now a word we use proudly at home and outings as a family have been replaced with confidence that we are equipped with the knowledge and skills to help her through the "tough" moments. Recently, our daughter had some concerns arise with school, auditory processing, expressive language, organization and comprehension challenges so we started working with the speech therapist Jill. This support from Jill has made such a huge impact on our daughter's confidence. The combined support from Jill and Chelsey has impacted our family and our quality of life as a family in powerful ways and we are so grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Paper Plane Therapies and the work that Jill (speech) and Chelsey (Occupational) have done with my son in the last year has helped our entire family, and especially my little man, BLOSSOM.

I could go on and on sharing our story and how helpful, kind and understanding these two have been, but to keep it short. I would suggest them to ANYONE who is even thinking about speech or occupational therapy. 

We had three concerns when first reaching our for help; ADHD, sleep and speech. 

Our son was behind in his speech (3.5 years, at the time), and our first avenue was to go through the school system (Rockford). By the standard testing (through the US educational system), my son "passed" by ONE point and didn't qualify for the aid through the system. 

As a mother, I of course wanted to find help and make sure that my child didn't fall through the cracks and fall behind, before he even started living. Language is such an important part of life! 

Sleep! After almost four years of life, our son had yet to sleep through the night more than a handful of times and on the off chance he did, it was ALWAYS in our bed. We attempted EVERYTHING to get him to stay in his bed. The day I walked into the PPT office, I just started bawling from exhaustion (I also have a husband who travels 90% of the time and a second child). 

Our last major concern was ADHD. I'm personally not a fan of medicating anything, unless its necessary and all other avenues have been attempted. Our son was having a difficult time concentrating, following SIMPLE directions and done activities that most of his peers enjoyed. At just four years old, his behavior or inability to sit for circle time, etc was already being discussed at parent teacher meetings. 

Chelsey had my son sleeping through night, in his own bed within a month or two!!!!! With only about 7 months of OT, our son graduated!

And this week (about one year), our son is graduating with Jill and is exactly where he should be with his speech, just in time to begin Kindergarten next week! 

We have been BEYOND thrilled with the progress our son has made and honestly, brings tears to my eyes every time it's been discussed. He's a happier, lighter little guy who can FUNCTION now, because he's sleeping and his brain can think clearly - and I get to be the mom I always wanted, because I'm not exhausted or pulling my hair out all day long, because the things we once used to battle over, are no longer issues (or not every day at least ;) ). 
It took us almost six months to find the right fit for us and to get our doctor to approve and write the RX, but the battle was worth everything. I would HIGHLY recommend this office to ANYONE who is looking or considering it. <3

Jill and Chelsey treated our little guy (and his visiting sister) just like they would treat their own family. They have become like family to us and we truly love them for the gift they have given our family.