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Grand Rapids occupational therapy |  Paper Plane Therapies



At Paper Plane Therapies, we believe that relationships have a tremendous impact on development and play an influential role in nurturing creative, kind, confident and empathetic kids. We believe that every child has unique gifts that can be fully expressed when barriers are identified and addressed in relationship based, child-centered therapies.

Paper Plane Therapies provides comprehensive occupational and speech therapy services in the Grand Rapids area.  We work with a wide range of children including, but not limited to, those experiencing the following challenges:


Autism Spectrum Disorder


Down Syndrome

Mood Disorders




Sensory Processing Disorder

Articulation Difficulties

Feeding Aversions

Swallowing Challenges

Auditory Processing

Expressive/Receptive Language Challenges

Reading Challenges/Dyslexia

Learning Disabilities

Fine and Visual Motor Challenges

Gross Motor Control

Social Engagement



Every child is uniquely different and possesses his or her own strengths and challenges. Paper Plane Therapies strongly believes that every child's therapies should be carefully designed to fit the needs of the child and encourage progress toward his or her specific goals. We recognize the irreplaceable role that family plays in a child's growth and encourage family involvement in both therapy and home programs. 


In addition to one-on-one private sessions, we also offer consultations, tutoring and parent coaching sessions.



Paper Plane Therapies is an in-network provider with some insurance companies. Call us today to find out more information regarding your potential coverage and financial options.


 Payment is due at time of service in the form of cash, check, or credit card. Contact us today to find out more about our services and if they could benefit your family.