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Christie Gorveatte


occupational Therapist

Christie is an occupational therapist who received a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Davenport University in Grand Rapids. She has an undergraduate degree in Science, majoring in Biology. She currently resides in Middleville with her husband and enjoys going to the beach, baking, and playing the piano in her free time.

Christie has clinical experience in multiple settings including outpatient pediatric and inpatient hospital settings, as well as several years of experience working with children and adults with diverse needs as a resident care aide, camp counselor, and volunteer youth leader. Christie has experience in the areas of autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, depression, sensory processing disorders, social-emotional dysregulation, developmental delays, and down syndrome. Her goal is to help clients foster confidence and increased participation in meaningful activities through the use of skilled intervention, such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Astronaut Training, Interoception, Bal-A-Vis X, Zones of Regulation, and social skills training. She is particularly interested in the ways that nutrition and mental health strategies can support a holistic approach for prevention, rehabilitation, and habituation. She is excited to continue her learning and exploration in the areas of Greenspan’s DIR/Floortime Method and the Polyvagal theory.

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