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Grand Rapids occupational therapy |  Paper Plane Therapies

Child-Centered Therapy. Everytime. 

Paper Plane Therapies provides comprehensive occupational and speech therapy services in the Grand Rapids area. 


Occupational Therapists help children reach their fullest potential within their “occupations” or daily activities. For children, these daily activities include play, learning and socialization. Sometimes, challenges in the areas of sensory processing, gross, fine, oral-motor and visual-motor skills can prevent a child from developing the skills necessary to function and engage successfully in their home, school, play and community environments.

Speech Therapists help children with a variety of speech and language deficits as well as feeding and swallowing difficulties. We focus on an individualized therapy program to help each child reach their greatest level of communication and interaction within their environment. 


 It is our mission to create family-centered, meaningful interventions that address the individual goals of each child. We use an approach that gives strong consideration to the individual differences of each child including his or her ability to process the world around them and engage in it in a meaningful way. Because each child brings a different set of strengths and challenges to the table, we implement a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies to help the child move towards independence.  It is our goal to identify the barriers that inhibit the child from reaching their goals and to carefully construct a plan to help them reach their fullest potential.